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This 1 day course introduces participants to the Big Data and Machine Learning capabilities of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It provides a quick overview of the Google Cloud Platform and a deeper dive of the data processing capabilities.

Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud

Get started in the fields of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Get started with Google Cloud tools like BigQuery, Cloud Speech API, and AI Platform. Upon completion of the quest, you will be able to earn a Google Cloud skill badge.

Data scientists model and analyze key data to continually improve how the business uses that data. Their goal is to make accurate predictions using advanced data modeling and deep learning solutions.
On demand

Advanced Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

This advanced course teaches you how to build scalable, reliable, and production-ready models for structured data, image data, time series, and natural language text, and concludes with building recommender systems. This content can also be taken as part of the Advanced Solutions Lab.

On demand

MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) Fundamentals

In this course, you will learn about MLOps tools and best practices for deploying, assessing, monitoring, and operating ML systems in production on Google Cloud. This course can also be taken as part of the Advanced Solutions Lab program.


ML Pipelines on Google Cloud

This course teaches you how to implement ML pipelines with continuous training and CI/CD practices to accelerate the development and deployment of your ML workflows, their automation, and their adaptability with your data on Google Cloud. This course can also be taken as part of the Advanced Solutions Lab program.


Build and Deploy Machine Learning Solutions on Vertex AI

Familiarize yourself with Vertex AI, AutoML, and custom training services. Learn how to use Vertex AI for new and existing ML workloads, and learn how to leverage AutoML, custom training, and new MLOps services to dramatically improve your development productivity and accelerate your return on investment.


Create Conversational AI Agents with Dialogflow CX

Learn how to create a conversational virtual agent, including how to: define intents and entities, use versions and environments, create conversational branching, and use IVR features.

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