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Plus de 100 formations, certifications et masterclass, autour des sujets technologiques majeurs actuels et émergeants.

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SFEIR Institute
Back in 2012, Michael DeHaan proposed an alternative to Configuration Management tools such as SaltStack, Puppet and Chef by introducing Ansible. Ansible is easier to use because of its SSH based communication mode between machines and its completely decentralized operation. This eliminates the need...
Google Cloud, Google Cloud
This course features a combination of lectures, design activities, and hands-on labs to show you how to use proven design patterns on Google Cloud to build highly reliable and efficient solutions and operate deployments that are highly available and cost-effective. This course was created for...
Google Cloud
In this 3-day instructor-led course, you learn the fundamentals of application development on Google Cloud. You learn best practices for designing cloud applications, and how to choose compute and data options for your apps. You learn about authentication and authorization, generative AI for developers, and continuous...
SFEIR Institute, SFEIR Institute
This course presents the basic concepts and practices of containerization with Docker. It allows you to assimilate the basics of container orchestration and to know how to adapt Docker to several nodes within a simple Swarm or Kubernetes cluster.
Google Cloud
This three-day instructor-led course teaches participants techniques for monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving infrastructure and application performance in Google Cloud. Guided by the principles of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and using a combination of presentations, demos, hands-on labs, and real-world case studies, attendees gain experience...
SFEIR Institute, SFEIR Institute
This training covers the fundamental aspects of Terraform software. Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool developed by the company Hashicorp and widely used in the context of multi-cloud deployment management while keeping a single user journey regardless of the destination platform (GCP, AWS,...

Accompagner nos clients grâce à plus de 70 formations sur les technologies de pointe

SFEIR Institute propose désormais plus de 70 formations officielles de nos partenaires ; Confluent, Google Cloud, Linux Foundation, Microsoft. SFEIR Institute propose également des formations sur les sujets technologiques majeurs tels que le cloud, la data et l’IA, DevOps, FinOps, le développement web, … Notre expertise est reconnue : Nous formons chaque année plusieurs milliers de participants sur l’ensemble de notre catalogue. À ce jour, nous avons accompagné les collaborateurs
de plus de 200 entreprises du monde entier dans la maîtrise des technologies de pointe.

Nos formations se passent au plus près de vos équipes grâce à des formations en présentiel dans une de nos agences, en France et au Luxembourg, ou au sein de votre entreprise dans le monde entier; mais également en distanciel à travers nos solutions d’enseignement à distance en visioconférence.