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Data scientists model and analyze key data to continually improve how the business uses that data. Their goal is to make accurate predictions using advanced data modeling and deep learning solutions.

Learn about cloud security best practices, and learn how Google Cloud's security model can help protect your technology stack. Security Engineers actively assess configurations already implemented in Google Cloud to identify potential security issues and prioritize remediation.

Learn how to implement the right networking solution for your organization. Cloud Network Engineers configure, manage, and troubleshoot network components and their connection to IT infrastructure.

A Cloud DevOps Engineer is responsible for the smooth operation of the entire software delivery pipeline. He ensures the production balance between service reliability and speed of delivery.

A Cloud Developer builds scalable, high-availability cloud applications using Google Cloud and tools that are backed by fully managed services. His work revolves around, among other things, cloud-native applications, runtimes, tools for developers and next-generation databases.

A Database Engineer helps companies design, plan, execute and test database migration.