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Enterprise Database Migration

Develop the skills needed to help business customers design, plan, execute, and test database migration projects. Learn how to migrate databases to Google Cloud while taking advantage of various Google Cloud services.


Migrate MySQL data to Cloud SQL using Database Migration Service

Learn how to get started with Cloud SQL for MySQL, connect to Cloud SQL instances using Cloud Console, and migrate MySQL databases to Cloud SQL. You will learn how to do this using different task types and connectivity options available in Database Migration Service.


Manage PostgreSQL Databases on Cloud SQL

This quest offers workshops where you will learn how to migrate, configure, and optimize running a PostgreSQL database on Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL.


Create and Manage Cloud Spanner Databases

Learn how to create and interact with a Cloud Spanner database, load a Cloud Spanner database using different techniques, back up a Cloud Spanner database, define schemas, and understand query plans , and deploy a modern web application connected to a Cloud Spanner instance.


Manage Bigtable on Google Cloud

Learn how to create instances, design schemas, query data, and perform administrative tasks in Bigtable. You’ll also complete exercises related to monitoring Bigtable performance and configuring node autoscaling and replication.

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