2 day(s) / 14h

Course overview

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. As it allows writing robust and maintainable code, TypeScript is widely adopted within web frameworks, JavaScript libraries, web applications or back-end Node.js.

This course is updated to TypeScript 3 and it covers everything you need to know to create websites, libraries and applications with TypeScript.

Target audience

  • Master types in TypeScript
  • Develop front-end and back-end programs in TypeScript
  • Implement modules and namespaces
  • Use advanced TypeScript concepts
  • Configure a TypeScript project


Developers, integrators, software architects, technical project managers

Course Outline

  • Have taken the JavaScript course: Language fundamentals or have equivalent
  • Basic knowledge of object oriented programming (types, classes, interfaces, …) are not not required but will be a big plus to understand the object concepts in TypeScript
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  1. Introduction to TypeScript
    • Why use TypeScript
    • The origins of TypeScript
    • The functionality of TypeScript
    • TypeScript vs JavaScript
    • The development environment for developing in TypeScript-


  • Setting up a TypeScript development environment
  • Quick win: a first TypeScript program in 5 minutes
  1. The basics of TypeScript
    • Basic Types
    • Variable Declarations
    • Functions: the basics, this, Overloads
    • Debugging a TypeScript program, map files


  • Manipulation of basic types
  • Creation and implementation of functions
  1. The basics of OOP in TypeScript
    • Interfaces
    • Classes
    • Enums
    • Generics


  • Developing an application in TypeScript
  1. Types
    • Type inference
    • Type Compatibility
    • Advanced Types
    • Utility Types


  • Advanced types implementation
  1. Modularization
    • Modules
    • Module Resolution
    • Best practices to implement Modules
    • Namespaces


  • Implementation and compilation of TypeScript modules
  1. Advanced concepts
    • Declaration Merging
    • Decorators
    • Mixins
    • Triple-Slash Directives
    • Declaration Files


  • Decorators implementation
  • Creation of declaration file
  1. Configure a TypeScript project
    tsconfig.json file
    Project references
    Integrating with Build Tools

Configure a TypeScript and NPM project to build a SPA web application, a JavaScript library, a backend Node.js application

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