Google Cloud certifications

Prepare for the Google Cloud Certifications with our dedicated curriculum

The different certifications

Seven Google Cloud certification exams, corresponding to the different cloud professions, are available. In order to provide you with the best opportunities to pass your Google Cloud certification exam, Sfeir offers a preparation curriculum tailored for each exam.

What type of Google Cloud Certification to choose?

Two types of certifications are available: the associate certifications and the professional certifications.

Associate Professional
Recommended Experience 6+ months of practical experience on Google Cloud Platform 3+ years in the industry and 1+ year(s) of practical experience on Google Cloud Platform
Business requirements Little addressed Plan, design, ensure the feasibility
Technical requirements Build, deploy, manage Build, deploy, manage
Client Implementation Yes Yes

Google Cloud Associate Certification

The level of the Associate certification is not lower than that of the Professional one. The same technical skills are required for both certifications, but they are approached under different perspectives. For instance, an Associate Cloud Engineer would need more practice to use and maintain a solution, while a Professional Cloud Architect would need to investigate more on the way the different options of solutions might change the way the solution could be operated and maintained.

Google recommends at least 6 months of hands-on experience with GCP before taking a Google Cloud Associate certification.

Google Cloud Professional certification

The Google Cloud Professional certification deals with the customer business needs unlike the Google Cloud Associate certification that does not address this point. If your work revolves around the areas of design, development and delivery, then the Google Professional certification would be a perfect start for you.

Google recommends at least 3 years of experience in the IT industry and 1 year of hands-on experience with GCP before taking a Google Cloud Professional certification.

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